Official MLB Twitter Account Posts Controversial Tweet

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Shohei Ohtani and Ichiro Suzuki are good baseball players from Japan.

But that’s about where their similarities end.

Ohtani is 24. He’s 6’4″ and 200 pounds, a hulking fireballer who also serves as a power-hitting designated hitter.

Ichiro, 20 years older and retired, was a slight, prototypical leadoff hitter who stalked the outfield.

Again, nothing alike.

Major League Baseball deleted a racist tweet

But whoever was running Major League Baseball’s Twitter account on Friday thought the two were similar enough to give them the “Spider-Man pointing” meme treatment.

The meme’s traditionally intended to denote an abundance of alikeness. But that’s nonexistent here, unless you subscribe to the stereotype that Asian men look the same.


The league’s account removed the racist tweet about 15 minutes after posting it. But that was enough time to draw deserved outrage.

Something tells me the league hasn’t done the same with dissimilar Venezuelan stars Miguel Cabrera and Jose Altuve.

Or first baseman Joey Votto and pitcher James Paxton, of Canada.

I’m guessing an unpaid intern has been or is about to get fired. At least, I hope the company never resolved to pay someone incompetent enough to think something like this would ever be OK.