Tom Brady Storms Out of Interview Over Question About His Personal Trainer and PEDs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Julian Edelman will sit out the first four weeks of the NFL season. Earlier this month, the league denied his appeal of a suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drugs policy.

Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s trainer who’s not on the best terms with Bill Belichickg, treated Edelman for the ACL injury that derailed his 2017 season.

But Brady didn’t appreciate his being asked if Guerrero had anything to do with Edelman’s suspension.

“I have no comment. That’s just ridiculous,” Brady said. “I’m out. See you guys.”

It’s not ridiculous

Brady’s stormed out of interviews before. But the reporter didn’t exactly insult the quarterback’s daughter.

Guerrero’s shady past is more than enough to inspire curiosity about his treatment of Edelman. The Federal Trade Commission investigated Brady’s trainer for falsely claiming that a supplement he was selling had been clinically proven to cure cancer, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and other diseases, and for incorrectly asserting that another of his products, which Brady endorsed, could cure concussions.

He was also investigated for misrepresenting himself as a doctor.

Real sketchy s—.

So sketchy, that Belichick banned Guerrero from the sidelines and team flights. Guerro’s also not allowed to treat Patriots not named Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium.

Guerrero felt the need to defend himself after Edelman’s suspension was announced in June.

If Brady really thinks Guerrero doesn’t deserve such scrutiny, causing a scene because of a legitimate question probably won’t help his cause.