You’ll Love a Rescue Owl’s Adorable Response to Seeing Her Rescuer Again

Matthew Loffhagen

Life can be tough for a rescue owl. These proud birds are often very aloof and distant, and the stress of being cooped up and forced to spent time with humans can feel humiliating.

One poor owl, though, formed an unexpectedly strong bond with her rescuer. Gigi the great horned owl got treatment at the Wild at Heart rescue center in Mississippi. When the man who’d initially provided her care left for a few days, she grew forlorn and upset.

Upon his return, though, nobody could have anticipated just how affectionate Gigi would be. It stunned even professional owl experts when they saw this rescue owl’s response to seeing a familiar face again…

20. Wild at Heart

Facebook:Wild at Heart Rescue Center

The Wild at Heart animal rescue center in Mississippi is a phenomenal place. Every day, the center deals with all kinds of animals that, for whatever reason, end up in need of care. Some of their visitors are very special.