Red Pandas Rumored to Mimic Human Behavior, Including Language

Harvey Shepherd

Until recently, the most famous panda was the white and black one. As for the red panda, these cute guys have lived in the shadow of their cousins. It is time we gave them their due, and the Internet already decreed them as the most popular animal. But what do we actually know about these tiny carnivores? We know they are adorable – just look at that selfie at #10.

What you did not really know is that they are great at mimicking human behavior. Wait until you learn how they communicate – it is insane!

20. Adorable Animals

The Dodo

They’re bigger than a raccoon but smaller than a big panda. They’re adorable, and although not really pet material, people from India and Nepal keep them as pet and post videos of their antics for us to see and laugh at. And what’s funnier is that sometimes, we see in them a lot of our gestures and preferences, such as this one at #11.