Peg The Duck Can Waddle On Two Legs Thanks To What These Students Did

Tammy Salt

Technology and kindness are essential in treating injured animals that are missing a limb. Here is where 3D printing comes to aid, when it is used by a trio of amazing kids that wanted to help their feathery new friend walk again. 3D printing has been used in veterinary surgery and in prosthetics for a while, but this is a one-of-a-kind story, which began in a rural school.

But how did Peg the Duck got so famous overnight? Let’s check out the entire story and meet the young heroes that helped this Indian Runner Duck to, well… RUN!

20. BabyDuck

“Quack-Quack”, said Peg as he was trying to wriggle free from his owner’s embrace. He just wanted to waddle around the kitchen with his new 3D printed leg. But how did he get so lucky?

It all started when he was only a tiny baby, explained Patsy Smith, the woman who found him: “We found Peg sitting on the bank and he hadn’t been hatched long.”