No One Wanted to Adopt This Dog With a Deformed Face Until One Family Changed His Life

Tammy Salt

Most people love the idea of adopting a dog just as long as they’re cuddly, lovable and cute. But everyone’s hearts turn cold the moment they see a dog with a weird nose or some other form of strange birth defect. That’s why one dog with the sweetest heart couldn’t find a forever home: because of his unfortunate facial deformity.

But against all odds, the dog finally managed to win his owner over. You won’t believe the heart-warming story of how one family managed to turn things around for this adorable pooch…

25. Buying Vs Adopting


Use your heart and your mind if you’re unsure about buying or adopting a pet. Adoption will set you back $50 to $200 whereas buying a pet can cost you $500 to $1,000. And there’s another downside to buying one.