Guys Explore Rock Star’s Derelict Mansion, End Up Discovering Some Creepy Secrets

Harvey Shepherd

We must admit it, we’re an inquisitive species! And when mysteries arise, many people would try to solve them, even if it means bending or breaking some rules. In the end, it’s all for learning and discovering things, and that won’t harm anyone, right?

Well, this exploration started as an adventure for a bunch of friends, but wait until you see them descent into the basement! It’s creepy and it’s very weird, but what really surprised us was what they discovered at the end. Check out the story of the Hook End Manor…

20. Urban Exploration

Some people call it urban exploration, also dubbed as “urbexing.” In the last few years, this has become quite a trend on YouTube or social media. A lot of people have shared many of their adventures in the city, but Dan Dixon from the UK got what we’d call the cherry on top. Prepare to be amazed!