‘The Romanoffs’ Won’t Be the ‘Mad Men’ Reunion Some Fans Want

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: AMC)

On paper, “The Romanoffs” sounds like the perfect show for a fan of “Mad Men”.

“The Romanoffs” comes to us from the mind of Matthew Weiner, the creator of “Mad Men”. It features appearances from Christina Hendricks, Cara Buono, John Slattery, and Jay R. Ferguson.

Surely this just means it’s a chance for all the best characters from “Mad Men” to get together in a fresh canon for a brand new series of misadventures, right?

The media is certainly billing “The Romanoffs” as such. Many outlets reporting on this upcoming new Amazon show are eager to play the “Mad Men” connection in relation to the new series.

Except, this focus is doing the show a disservice. This is more than just “Mad Men 2”.

Apparently, the synopsis for “The Romanoffs” is that the show is an anthology series, detailing the lives of various different families that all believe themselves to be the descendants of the Russian Royal family.

If you’re confused as to why this might be a big deal, here’s a little clip from “Anastasia” to help clear things up:

Okay, maybe that wasn’t all that informative. But who doesn’t wish they were the secretly the descendant of a Don Bluth knock-off Disney Princess?!

And Now For Something Completely Different

The thing about an anthology series is that while technically it can include a lot of big names, each key actor is generally only in a single episode.

So while “The Romanoffs” might feature Christina Hendricks and John Slattery, there’s no guarantee at this point that they’re even in the same episode of the show. They could be completely separate entities.

This is why other names, such as Aaron Eckhart, as also included in the “Romanoffs” trailer. An anthology show requires a large cast, and the “Mad Men” alumni are only a small part of a much larger undertaking.

It is somewhat disingenuous of Amazon to advertise the show as featuring all of these key actors. The presentation of “The Romanoffs” makes it seem like more of a follow-up to “Mad Men” than is actually fair.

This being the case, don’t be surprised if, when the show arrives in October, it doesn’t feature nearly as much of your favorite characters as you’d have liked.

Oh well. At least it’s certainly true that a little bit of “Mad Men” nostalgia goes a long way.