Fox is Making a Biopic About Flamin’ Hot Cheetos For Some Ridiculous Reason

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Cheetos)

Yes, you read the headline right. Fox Searchlight is currently putting together a new biopic, entitled “Flamin’ Hot”, which will be about Cheetos.

Specifically, it’ll focus on the creator of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Richard Montanez, and his rags-to-riches story of triumph.

Once a high-school dropout with limited English skills, Montanez was working as a janitor for Frito-Lay when he came up with a method of making Cheetos taste like spicy Mexican street food; a creation that propelled him up the ranks in the company until he became an executive overseeing all of Frito-Lay.

Apparently, there was quite the bidding war for this movie premise. The film will be produced by Richard Montanez, who’s previously produced “The Impossible”, “The Star”, and “Miracles from Heaven”, and it seems like a lot of effort will go into making this a big name movie.

It’s unlikely that this will be a film like Michael Keaton’s “The Founder”, in which a hard, critical eye is cast upon a junk food mogul. Instead, be prepared for lots of cute scenes that make you really feel empathy towards the now exceedingly rich Montanez.

While this movie isn’t a food commercial, you can be fairly sure that Frito-Lay is hoping that people will see it this way. A discussion needs to be had, when the movie is closer to release, about the fine line between commercials and genuine movies. Chances are, we’re going to see this line blur further over the next few years.

In the meantime, it looks like “Flamin’ Hot” will probably be the “Transformers” of snack food, in that the film, ostensibly a piece of entertainment media, will be subtly trying to convince you to go out and spend money on merchandize.

Once, talking about his own origin story, Richard Montanez said that “many times, greatness will come in a ridiculous form“. It seems like Fox is aiming to be a ridiculous in order to make a movie that could well be absolutely amazing.

Does anyone else really crave Cheeto’s right now?