Cast Confirmed for New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot, Elizabeth Banks to Star and Direct

Matthew Loffhagen
Columbia Pictures
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We’re getting a new batch of Charlie’s Angels! Woohoo!

You can say what you like about the two “Charlie’s Angels” movies that we got last decade, but I still love them.

Sure, they’re campy and silly. The special effects are pretty terrible, and the humor doesn’t always land. There’s a running gag in the second movie in which John Cleese thinks his daughter, Lucy Liu, is a prostitute.

But, all of their flaws aside, both of these movies are bombastic fun in their own way.

This is in large part thanks to the titular Angels themselves. Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and the other one are all fantastic.

Cameron Diaz! That’s her name. Sorry, that took me a second.

(That’s not a commentary on her performance – I think she’s amazing. My brain is just very, very tired in the summer heat today.)

The Next Generation

Now, we’re getting a new lineup of Angels that will carry on the legacy of the 1970s TV show that spawned this phenomenon.

Naomi Scott, best known for a role in the recent “Power Rangers” reboot, will join the relatively unknown Ella Balinska as two of the iconic spies.

Rounding out the trio (triangling out? I’m tired) is Kristen Stewart, who you probably remember from a little film called “Twilight”.

Kristen Stewart
Source: New Line Cinema

If your first reaction to being reminded of that movie is to roll your eyes, grow up. It’s a good sight more worthwhile than the “Transformers” franchise these days.

Even so, I must admit that the three actors picked for the new “Charlie’s Angels” are not quite in the same league as ‘00s era Barrymore, Liu, and Diaz.

The Benefit of Obscurity

It’s risky throwing the relatively unknown Balinska and Scott into the mix. Especially if between them, their biggest claim to fame is “Power Rangers” (another movie that’s still not as good as “Twilight”).

I get the feeling this is a hopeful move to build a franchise, rather than a single movie. The studio can launch the new “Charlie’s Angels” reboot to a relatively small fanfare, then build upon it in subsequent films.

Even if Stewart bails out, Balinska and Scott will likely stick around for their tasty meal tickets.

This strategy is common in Hollywood – often, unknowns are more useful for a legacy franchise than household names.

At this point, then, it’s hard to tell whether the new Charlie’s Angels can beat the old ones. Whether this new movie will prove the start of a more healthy franchise.

I’m hesitant to fully commit to say that Balinska, Stewart, and Scott will revolutionize film, or even build a solid franchise moving forward. Maybe the sour taste from “Power Rangers” still hasn’t entirely left my mouth.

That said, I’m eager to see what they do, and I genuinely think there’s a chance this could turn into something special. In the right hands, these three stars could make an impressive action franchise that could last decades.

Wait, this thing is being made by Sony Pictures? Well, it still might be okay?

Whatever. As long as there’s a gratuitous MC Hammer musical number right in the middle of the first movie, I’ll be happy!