Warner Bros. Greenlights DC ‘Super Pets’ Movie

Matthew Loffhagen
Super Pets
(Photo: Super Pets)

Warner Bros is continuing the trend of endlessly announcing upcoming DC comic book movies. The latest to get the greenlight within the company? “Super Pets”.

The “Super Pets” movie comes from a prestigious writer. Someone at Warner Bros seems particularly impressed with “The Lego Batman Movie”, as its writer, Jared Stern, will be directing this new movie.

Stern is the second key member of the “Lego Batman” team to be pegged for a directing role in the new improved DC universe. The blocky blockbuster’s director, Chris McKay, is currently working on pre-production for “Nightwing”.

Lego Batman Movie
Source: Warner Bros

Not much is known about “Super Pets”. DC’s business model at the moment seems to be to announce films without giving anything more than a title and a director (sometimes we don’t even get a director).

As such, it’s hard to say what kind of film “Super Pets” will be, but considering the subject matter, I wouldn’t anticipate that this will be “Batman v Superman” levels of dark and gritty.

Fuzzy Heroes

I expect we’ll almost certainly see Krypto the Superdog, as this character is the most iconic of the DC animal superhero lineup.

There’ll also probably be an appearance from Ace the Bat-Hound. Batman as a dog; what could go wrong?

These characters were most popular in the heyday of Pre-Crisis DC, back when anything could happen because writers absolutely did not take comics as a serious art form.

Krypto the Superdog
Source: DC Comics

Personally I think this era of comics is amazing. While DC’s movie output over the past decade has been more inspired by the dark, gritty stories of the ‘80s, the Golden Age of comics was certainly a more colorful, entertaining period in the medium’s history.

This, then, is the perfect era to draw from in order to fix DC’s image problem.

It’s no secret that audiences are, by and large, unsure of the direction that DC movies have taken in recent years.

“Wonder Woman” is widely held up as the sole enjoyable movie in a series of dour, depressing angst. The current incarnation of Superman hates saving people. Batman is possibly a sex addict (depending on how much you trust Zack Snyder’s post-“BvS” commentary). This is not a fun universe.

So now, to balance this out, we’re getting “Aquaman” and “Shazam!”, and a pair of colorful, energetic movie trailers that promise more lighthearted adventures.

But with a Joker origin movie on the slate, it’s clear that DC is conflicted about this tone shift. So how do you balance out a Martin Scorsese noir comic book thriller about a villain?

With a movie about adorable pets fighting crime, of course!

Worlds of DC

The future of the DC universe seems to involve a big split between the For Grown-Ups movies and the more colorful family friendly fare.

Batman and Alfred
Source: Warner Bros

I get the feeling that “Super Pets” might just be a bigger hit than the Joker origin film, if only because it offers us something that’s strangely rare in this cinematic universe.

“Super Pets” promises joy. Considering how many movies in this franchise have turned out to be dire slogs, this is a very welcome change of pace.