Travis Scott’s New Album ‘Astroworld’ Breaks So-Called ‘Kardashian Curse’

Emily Gadsby
Travis Scott's new album broke the Kardashian curse
(Photo: Getty Images)

I’m definitely NOT a true believer in the Kardashian curse. Instead, I think that Scott Disick is completely full of shit for blaming his mess-ups on the family he (common law) married into instead of himself. By bringing the very idea of supernatural forces at work into public consciousness, Disick cleverly created a scapegoat used by every single partner willing to pair up with a KarJenner sibling.

However, I’ll admit that my steadfast defense of the first family of reality television came under fire after Kanye West’s mental health and Tyga’s rap career imploded in front of a public audience. Thankfully, Travis Scott’s new album “Astroworld” is straight flames and fully equipped to silence rumors surrounded the alleged “Kardashian curse” once and for all. 

Travis Scott’s new album broke the Kardashian curse

Tapping into the pulsing, rock-rap of new wave hip-hop, “Astroworld” is definitive proof that Travis Scott is at the height of his talent while STILL dating self-made (near) billionaire Kylie Jenner. With top collaborations and slick production, Scott’s third studio album is the perfect encapsulation of his now legendary live performances. 

“Protect Travis Scott at all costs. Astroworld is fire and he hasn’t suffered from the Kardashian curse,” wrote one Kardashian critic eager to praise Scott’s work. 

Despite what the haters say, The Kardashian curse has been bullshit this entire time. 

Men brought into the KarJenner inner circle of intense fame simply crumble under the weight of their collective celebrity. Instead of pointing fingers at the ultra-famous collection of independent women intent on securing the bag, we really should be questioning the men who can’t deal with the paparazzi lurking around every corner (look at you, Kris Humphries). 

If Travis Scott spitting his usual bars on wax is what it takes for the anti-KarJenner army to back off, I’ll take it. Whether you believe in the Kardashian curse or not, it’s obviously not effective enough to touch EVERY man in their romantic circle, so quit slamming the reality stars for picking weak men that are unable to keep their composure.