PewDiePie Posts Meme Mocking Demi Lovato’s Overdose

Emily Gadsby
PewDiePie joked about Demi Lovato's Overdose
(Photo: Getty Images)

How many times does PewDiePie need to f— up before we cancel him, once and for all? If Logan Paul can (rightfully) fall from the public’s good graces for his horribly insensitive content, then it’s time for the Swedish YouTube star to hit rock bottom as well. 

The 28-year-old piece of human garbage has proven time and again that he doesn’t give AF about anyone other than himself and his YouTube channel worth millions. From direct homophobic and racist remarks to just being a downright asshole to his critics, PewDiePie is the worst of the worst and needs to be shut down.

Unable to stay away from a golden opportunity to prove his complete and total lack of empathy, PewDiePie actually had the nerve to publicly kick Demi Lovato while she’s busy recovering from a recent drug overdose

PewDiePie joked about Demi Lovato’s overdose

Taking to Twitter, the controversial gamer posted a meme poking fun at Lovato’s long-standing battles with substance abuse and addiction. 

In response to #Lovatics swarming the viral star’s comments section, PewDiePie deleted the meme and soon issued a cowardly half-hearted explanation for his offensive upload.

“Deleted meme. I didnt mean anything with it and I didnt fully know about the situation,” wrote the online entertainer. “I realize now it was insensitive, sorry!”

Please. PewDiePie hasn’t been living under a rock for the last six years. More than open about her struggle with sobriety, Lovato’s years-long battle with substance abuse and recent relapse have been extremely well-publicized.

PewDiePie knew exactly what he was doing by posting that horrible meme while Lovato struggles to recover at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

There’s no doubt that edgy humor has its place on Twitter. However, this crosses the line and is clearly little more than a gross exploitation of human suffering, which is why we all need to start sending in our RSVPs to the #PewDiePieIsOverParty