Demi Lovato Needs Support, Not Condemnation, Following Recent Drug Overdose

Emily Gadsby
Demi Lovato's heroin overdose aftermath
(Photo: Getty Images)

Demi Lovato’s recent relapse and subsequent overdose has millions of #Lovatics across the world fervently praying for their iconic leader to pull through her hospitalization. Unsurprisingly, Lovato’s long-standing dedication to empowering her fans via her own personal struggles with substance abuse has earned the pop star a number of top-name supporters in the entertainment industry. 

From Ellen DeGeneres to Lady Gaga and even Selena Gomez’s mom, there has been an incredible outpouring of public support on social media for the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer. 

“This was exactly 10 yrs ago at S, Sweet 16. @ddlovato we love you,” wrote Gomez’s mother Mandy Teefey alongside a picture of the two child stars celebrating a milestone birthday together. “The world is a better place because of these infectious smiles. My heart hurts.”

However, the social media attention surrounding Lovato’s reported heroin overdose has not been completely positive.

Demi Lovato’s heroin overdose aftermath

Labeling Lovato as little more than a junkie unable to overcome her addiction, haters flocked to Twitter to slam the star’s slip from sobriety.

While it’s not surprising that social media once again revealed the very darkest corners of stan culture, it is disgusting that critics would publicly spew venom about such a sensitive, tragic subject. 

Addiction does not discriminate and could literally affect any ONE of these critics kicking Lovato while she’s down. Regardless of the fact that she’s a celebrity who has chosen to live her life in the public eye, Lovato is first and foremost a human being. Respect her struggle as an individual, or leave her TF alone.