Bella Thorne Calls Teen Choice Awards ‘Gross’

Emily Gadsby
Bella Thorne needs to chill out
(Photo: Getty Images)

What TF did the Teen Choice Awards ever do to Bella Thorne? Apparently, the annual mainstream peak of celebrity stan culture has rubbed the “Famous in Love” actress the wrong way for a long while now. Hopping onto Twitter to slam the show, Thorne did NOT mince words when it came to condemning the practice as a f—ed up “beauty competition.” 

“Teen choice is gross,” wrote the former Disney Channel star.

“The fact we are even voting against each other is …. it f—s w kids heads like a beauty competition,” she wrote in another tweet.

“I’m besides it being rigged it’s just f—ed up. Vote for the hottest is so gross. How about smartest? Or a charity category? How about we hype people up for doing good things not being hot.”

Initially, I totally understood Thorne’s rejection of the toxic, shallow underbelly of warring celebrity fandoms. However, the Teen Choice Awards are not a nebulous symbol of body-image obsession, and it really is reckless to brand the event with such heavy language. 

Bella Thorne needs to chill out

As someone who so freely preaches body positivity and acceptance, where’s Thorne’s tolerance for the celebrities who use their platforms as forces for good? Just last year, Zendaya, Lauren Jauregui, and Vanessa Hudgens all delivered powerful speeches aimed at promoting youth empowerment and self-love. 

Also, what’s wrong with giving tween stans (arguably the most energized section of every A-lister’s fan base) the opportunity to support their idols by directly voting to determine who walks home with a coveted surfboard? 

Making teens feel like their voices can actually be heard while giving them an outlet to express their support for their favorite artists isn’t problematic, it’s freeing.